Philip J. Valera, M.Mus.

Assistant Professor of Communications

B.Mus., M.Mus., Boston University

100 Roma Hackney Music Building | 800-345-4973 x6487

Phil Valera, assistant professor of communications, has been the instructor for audio recording technology and the manager of the Sara Lynn Riley Kennedy Recording Studio at Barton College since August 2000.  Prior to moving to Wilson, he worked as an Instructor for Recording Technology at the University of Arkansas in Pine Bluff.  After a 25- year career as a church musician, performer, composer, and arranger, Valera decided to combine his love of music and music technology with a new career in audio.  In 1998, he became an award-winning graduate of the audio recording technology program at Full Sail University.  Among the numerous CDs that he has recorded and produced since his move to Wilson is Historically Patriotic, a collection of marches and patriotic symphonic works performed by the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra.  He is also the recording engineer and concert recording producer for the orchestra.  He produced the two CDs, Buried Land and The Service of Song, albums featuring the works of Barton’s own poet/singer/songwriter Dr. Jim Clark.  In addition, he produced three CDs of big band swing music by the Tar River Swing Band and two CDs by the folk rock group, The Near Myths. During his tenure at Barton, he has served as organist/music director of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Wilson, where in 2006 he performed a concert of his arrangements of music for pipe organ and electronic music.