Day Six: Exam Time and Back to Barton

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Saturday, the 18th,  was the last day at Christmount assembly for the Biology trip.  All of the students studied the plants, animals, and other information for the exam last night and this morning.  At around 9 o’clock, we all went to the dining hall to take the big test we studied for!  Plants and animal specimens filled the tables as we went around and identified them.  Then the second part was more about the habitats, elevations, and places we visited.  After the exam, we were all thankful for it to be over!  We packed up and left Christmount for the last time this week and headed for lunch at KFC.  After eating was the long drive back to Barton, where we all got a much needed nap! The week we spent in the mountains will be one none of us will ever forget and we all had a good time learning about nature.

Christina Boykin (Biology Major)

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