Candidate Information

Message from the Alumni Association

“Wow! Can you believe the day you have been waiting for since the moment you stepped foot onto Barton’s campus is almost here? On that first day of class, graduation probably felt like it was a lifetime away. Now, looking back over the last several years, it seems as if time has flown by, doesn’t it? I remember that is how I felt just before graduation. The many hours you have spent in classrooms and the library, the studying, eating Tony Tilley’s meals, and hanging out with your classmates – it is all coming to an end shortly.

“Barton College is a family – a family that consists of peers, professors, staff, and thousands of alumni from all over the world. When you made the decision to attend Barton, you instantly became a part of this family. We are very proud of you and cannot wait to see what this big world has to offer you – and what you will offer to the world.

“As the Alumni Board President and speaking on behalf of thousands of alumni, congratulations, Class of 2015! You are almost done, and I am so excited I will have the opportunity to welcome you into the Alumni Association on graduation day.

“After graduation, do not forget to come back home. Barton’s door is always open to family!”

– Brenda Hobbs Whaley, ’98
President, Alumni Association

Caps and Gowns

In order to receive your cap and gown, you must:

  • Pick up your cap and gown from the Barton College bookstore starting April 27.
  • Be clear of any Business or Library holds – no outstanding books or fees.

Contact the Office of the Registrar if you have questions.

Commencement Preview

The Commencement Preview slideshow is available here.

Official Photographs

As each graduate is handed his or her diploma, a picture will be taken by a professional photographer. A posed photograph will also be taken once each graduate has stepped off the stage.

Each graduate will receive an email from the photographer with a link to the website,, and a password that allows the graduate to view and order graduation photos online. A free color proof will also be mailed to the permanent address so that the graduate will have the opportunity to purchase these prints. There is no obligation to purchase prints.

For more information, please contact or call 800-722-7033.

Requirements for Graduation

Application for Graduation
You must fully complete and sign an Application for Graduation. The applications are available at senior graduation meetings and at the Office of the Registrar. Your name on your diploma will be as it appears on your Application for Graduation.

Commencement vs. Graduation
Participation in the Commencement ceremony does not necessarily mean that you will be graduated; this especially applies to August graduates. Barton College will graduate you once, and only once, you have completed all of your degree requirements. Diplomas will indicate only the degree and not the major/s. If a student completes a double major within the same degree, only one degree (one diploma) is earned.

Official Graduation Dates on Diplomas
• May 2015 graduates – May 13
• August 2015 graduates – July 30

August Graduate Candidates: Students who are applying for August graduation must be within six (6) hours of graduation and have at least a 2.00 cumulative Barton College GPA prior to Commencement. All students must provide evidence by May 1, 2015, that they are pre-registered for the appropriate courses in summer school in order to participate in the Commencement ceremony. An approved petition prior to enrollment is required for all course work taken at other institutions during the summer.

Cap and Gown Orders
If you plan to participate in the Commencement ceremony, you must complete the Cap and Gown section of the Application for Graduation. Caps and gowns may be picked up April 27 – May 15, 2015, at the Barton College Bookstore.

2.00 Minimum GPA
You must complete the requirements for graduation with a Barton College GPA of at least 2.00. The GPA of courses taken in the major and/or minor must also be at least 2.00.

Hours Earned: 126
You must earn a minimum of 126 hours to graduate.

Residency Requirement
A minimum of 45 semester hours must be taken at Barton College. The last 30 semester hours (your senior year) must be taken at Barton. However, a student who has already completed at least 64 semester hours at Barton College may take up to 12 semester hour of the last 30 at another regionally accredited college or university. An approved petition prior to enrollment is required for courses taken at another institution. Transfer students should pay very close attention to this rule!

Graduating with Honors
The grade point average is computed on all work attempted at all colleges attended.
3.30 – 3.59 = Cum Laude
3.60 – 3.89 = Magna Cum Laude
3.90 – 4.00 = Summa Cum Laude

Walking vs. Not Walking at Commencement
During the months of March and April, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will send out important graduation information including a post card for you to complete and return to confirm whether or not you plan to attend Commencement. You MUST complete and return the card immediately. If you do not tell us that you plan to walk at Commencement, you will not have a seat or diploma!