Safe Zone Members

Safe Zone logoMembers of the Barton College Safe Zone are faculty and staff who identify as allies of LGBTQ Bulldogs. The Safe Zone training program is produced through a partnership between the Division of Student Engagement and Success and Barton College SPECTRUM, a student-led organization supporting LGBTQ Bulldogs.

Name Department
Sherry Lee Allen School of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts
Tamara Avant School of Sciences
Konstandena Brown Athletics – Athletic Training
Dr. Sheri Browning School of Sciences
Robert Cagna, MA, MSLA, JD Willis N. Hackney Library
Ebony Campbell Athletics – Women’s Soccer
Ramey J. Dail Office of the Registrar
Samantha Davenport Residence Life
Rachel K. Deale, Ph.D. School of Humanities
David Finnegan-Hosey College Chaplain
Jacqueline Fischer Student Engagement and Success
Brooke Goff Student Engagement and Success
Ervin Graham Student Engagement and Success
Matthew Hands School of Education
Dorothy Austin-Harrell School of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts
Carolyn Hornick School of Education
Rachel Krueger Admissions
Ginna Lewis, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS Athletics – Athletic Training
Theresa Little, M. Ed. Student Engagement and Success
Sue Matthewson School of Business
Amanda Maynard, MS School of Allied Health and Sports Studies
Gaven Mayo Student Engagement and Success
Andy McNab Athletics – Women’s Soccer
Addison Meinhardt Admissions
Sheila Milne Office of the Registrar
Rachel Moore Admissions
Aislinn O’Connor, LAT, ATC Athletics – Athletic Training
Maureen T. O’Neill School of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts
Kevin Pennington, PhD School of Sciences
Murali Ranganathan School of Sciences
Kaitlin Ricklefs, MS, LAT, ATC Athletics
Wendee Saintsing Athletics
Jeff Tilson, Ed.M. Student Engagement and Success
Kira Turner, LAT, ATC Athletics – Athletic Training
Lee Underwood, MS Athletics – Men’s Tennis
Angie Walston, MA, NCC Student Engagement and Success
Britney Woodhull-Smith, MA, LAT, ATC Athletics
Howie Zhu Athletics – Athletic Training