Greek Life

There are three social men’s fraternities and two women’s sororities at Barton College:

  • Fraternities: Alpha Sigma Phi, Pi Kappa Phi, and Sigma Phi Epsilon.
  • Sororities: Delta Zeta and Sigma Sigma Sigma.

Alpha Sigma Phi – ΑΣΦ

Alpha Sigma is the tenth oldest national social fraternity. This association was founded at Yale University on December 6, 1845.

The purposes of Alpha Sigma Phi are to foster education, to maintain charity, and to promote patriotism. The objectives of the fraternity, incidental to these purposes, are to encourage culture and high scholarship, to assist in the building of character, to promote college loyalties, to perpetuate friendships, to cement social ties within the fraternity memberships, and to foster the maintenance of college homes by chapters for their undergraduate members.

The Gamma Lambda chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi was founded May 3, 1958, evolving from the local Sigma Alpha Fraternity.

Delta Zeta – ΔΖ

Delta Zeta was founded on October 24, 1902, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Its colors are Old Rose and Vieux Green; the flower is the Killarney Rose; and the jewel is the diamond.

Delta Zeta is one of the largest national sororities with over 150 chapters.

The sorority strives to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendships, to pursue knowledge, and to promote moral and social culture in its members. Delta Zeta’s philanthropic program, “Adventures in Friendship,” includes support of Gallaudet College, the only college in the world for the deaf, and other related funds.

The Theta Omega Chapter of Delta Zeta was installed at the College in October 1965. Formerly, Delta Zeta was Omega Chi local sorority.

Pi Kappa Phi – ΠΚΦ

Pi Kappa Phi was founded on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. This colony was established during the Spring Semester 1989. A goal of 30 members was established in order to be granted formal recognition as a chapter during the Fall Semester 1989. Pi Kappa Phi has over 124 chapters and colonies nationwide. The fraternity’s national service endeavor is PUSH (People Understanding the Severely Handicapped) and promotes fund-raising efforts for specialized learning equipment for the severely handicapped.

Sigma Phi Epsilon – ΣΦΕ

Sigma Phi Epsilon is the nation’s largest fraternity. For the last fifteen years, more men have joined Sigma Phi Epsilon than any other college fraternity. SigEp was founded at Richmond College, now the University of Richmond, on November 1, 1901 on the cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. Today, over 240,000 men have joined the fraternity and taken a vow to uphold these values. North Carolina Iota Chapter was founded on this campus April 26, 1958. This chapter grew out of a local social fraternity, Sigma Rho Phi, which was founded at the College. The purposes of Sigma Phi Epsilon are to develop a fellowship within the fraternity based on high moral standards and to provide an organization which will be a distinct asset to the college and community.

Sigma Sigma Sigma – ΣΣΣ

Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded in Farmville, Virginia, at Longwood College in 1898. Its colors are Royal Purple and White, the flower is the purple violet, and the jewel is the pearl. The open motto is “Faithful Unto Death.”

As its philanthropy, Sigma Sigma Sigma established the Robbie Page Memorial Fund to aid in polio research. As the Salk vaccine was successful, the Robbie Page Memorial prepared to enter another state of service for children, a program to provide improved hospital facilities for their care and rehabilitation. Sigma Sigma Sigma chose the North Carolina Memorial Hospital at Chapel Hill and with the sorority’s contributions of over $150,000 to the hospital in the last ten years, a Children’s Room on the seventh floor has been constructed.

The Gamma Xi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was installed at the College in October, 1965. Formerly, Tri Sigma was Phi Sigma Tau, a local sorority.


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