Admission Requirements

Students applying for selection into the Athletic Training Program must:

  • Apply spring semester of freshman year.
  • Have an overall 2.5 GPA  at time of application
  • Those applying with a GPA of 2.3-2.49 may be considered on a provisional basis for the fall semester of sophomore year in program.  After the fall semester a GPA of 2.5 is required to stay in the ATP
  • Earn a C or better in the following pre-professional classes: ATR 120 and/or ATR 113
  • Provide proof of completion of  minimum of 25 hours of observation under an ATC / Approved Clinical Instructor at Barton College
  • Be current  in first aid and CPR
  • Provide proof of HBV series of shots or provide a declination form
  • 3 letters of recommendation –one from an athletic trainer preferred
  • Provide a writing sample in response to specific career questions
  • Complete the Athletic Training Program Application
  • Complete a physical (by an MD, DO, PA or NP) within 6 months of application. This determines if a student meets the Technical Standards of the ATP.
  • Proof of OSHA and Acknowledgement of Communicable Disease Policy.
  • Complete an interview with the Athletic Training Program Selection Committee* (prior to the start of sophomore year)
  • Students will be notified of selection into the ATP, in writing, by the start of the 1st semester sophomore year.

Please note that a student may meet all of the requirements and not be selected into the Athletic Training Program due to space limitations.

Other Information

  • NATA Membership is recommended in the student’s senior year (approximately $80.00 includes District and National Dues)
  • Professional students must have access to an automobile for off-campus clinical assignments (juniors and seniors)
  • All professional students must have liability insurance (sophomore, junior, and senior)
  • Pre-professional students are required to purchase t-shirts and a name tag prior to beginning clinical observations

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Barton College Athletic Training Program does not discriminate with respect to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, disabling conditions (handicaps), and national origin.