Open House FAQs

Should I attend an Open House or an Academic Day?

It depends on the family and the student. Open House events are on Saturdays and have more students in attendance; all of our majors are invited. Academic Days are on Fridays, focus on a few specific majors, and often host smaller groups of students.

Both types of events are great opportunities for students and their families to tour campus; visit with faculty and staff; and attend presentations covering admissions, financial aid, academics, and more. Visit our Open House section for dates and information about Open House events and Academic Days.

Some families decide to come to both types of events, some pick an event based on the date, and some prefer to come based on the size of the group. It’s completely up to you!

Who should attend the event with the student?

We encourage parents or guardians and siblings to attend our events. It is always better to have an extra set of ears during our presentations.

Is there a cost to attend an admissions event?

No! All of our visits and admissions events are completely free.

How do I know that my online registration was received?

Once your visit is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation letter, via USPS, sent to the address you provided on the online registration form. You will also receive an email confirmation approximately two days before the event. Your confirmation email is very important, because it will have information on where to meet, directions to campus, parking information, and the schedule for the day.

Can I sign up my friend as my guest?

We do not suggest signing up multiple students for a visit under one registration. We ask that each student register for the visit. We need every student’s information so that we can have an accurate count of students and guests.

Where can I get a campus map and directions?

A campus map and driving directions are available on our web site. In addition, your confirmation email will have links with driving directions and parking instructions.

Will I be able to visit the bookstore while on campus?

Yes, most tours have time to visit the bookstore. However, if time does not permit, your tour guide will show you where our bookstore is located on campus, and you will have the opportunity to stop by after the event is finished.

Do you offer tours of the residence halls?

Yes, most tours have time to visit a room in Wenger Hall. However, if time does not permit, your tour guide will show you it’s location on campus, and you will have the opportunity to stop by after you finish your visit.

Can I meet with the financial aid office while on campus?

You most certainly can! All of our events include a financial aid presentation that covers costs and scholarships; but, if you have more specific or private questions, our financial aid office would be happy for you to stop by. Staff members available Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Can we have a private tour during an event?

We do not offer private tours during Open Houses or Academic Days. You will attend the academic presentation with other students in your major, then tour campus in smaller groups. If you would like to schedule a private tour, we recommend registering for an individual tour instead of attending an event. You can register for an individual visit here.

Who will be leading my tour?

Campus tours are led by Student Ambassadors who are current students with a variety of backgrounds and interests. They will show you around campus, give the history and current functions of college buildings, answer questions about student life, and provide their own views and perspectives of the Barton experience.

What should I bring with me?

Bring questions! We want you to ask lots of questions while you are on campus. You’ll be talking with people who know the answers. Also, preparing questions beforehand will help you remember the important things you want to ask.

Student resumes or letters of recommendation are not necessary. However, if you have applied for admission and would like to bring your most recent transcript, we can accept it if it is a sealed and official copy.

Remember our tour is a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes. Attire is casual, but please dress appropriately for the weather as you will be outside for a good portion of the tour. During the summer months, you may find a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to be particularly useful. While North Carolina winters can be mild, please be sure to dress warmly during the colder months. Also, remember to bring an umbrella or other rain attire if precipitation is in the forecast.

Do I need to eat before the event?

Good question! No, most of our events provide some sort of snack or optional meal. Morning events have a light breakfast and usually lunch in the dining hall. Afternoon events have snacks available and an optional dinner.

Will I be excused from school?

We can only give out or sign school excuses for students who participate in an official campus event. Excuses can only be given for the exact day the student visits campus.

Is an event canceled if it rains? If it snows?

We hope that it will not rain on your visit day; however, if it does, the event will still take place. Visitors should bring umbrellas if there is potential for precipitation. Since our tours are mainly outdoor walking tours, please be sure to check the weather before you come so that you can be prepared. If it is raining, the Student Ambassadors may alter their routes so that more of the tour will occur indoors.

If it snows on your visit day, more than likely the College will be closed, which means the event will be canceled and rescheduled. Visit our home page for up-to-date information about closings and cancellations if snow or ice threatens.

Where can I stay in Wilson?

Wilson has multiple hotels to choose from, all within close proximity to campus. Lodging information is available here.

Where is the closest airport? Is there a shuttle?

The closest airport to Wilson is the Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU). It is approximately one hour from Wilson. Unfortunately, we do not offer a shuttle service for admissions visits. There are, however, several taxi companies and car rental companies available in both Raleigh and Wilson.

What if we need special accommodations?

If you or one of your guests has difficulty walking and will need special accommodations (e.g., golf cart tour), please be sure to note that on the request form. All buildings on campus are wheelchair accessible.

Where can I access the internet while visiting campus?

Wi-Fi is available across campus. The login and password will be provided at the beginning of each event.

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