Barton College Vaccine Challenge

Want a Mask-Free Campus? Help Barton Reach 70%

What Is the Barton Vaccine Challenge?

To promote Herd Immunity, Barton College has joined over 300 colleges and universities in seeking to have 70% of the Barton campus population vaccinated. Because of our unwavering commitment to preserve a healthy and safe campus, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to get the Covid-19 vaccine before returning to campus this fall.

Resources and Other Important Information


blue-vax-promo-1200×630Incentives for Getting Your Vaccine

Achieving a 70% vaccination rate benefits all of us. The spread of coronavirus will be limited, the College will be able to operate on a nearly normal basis, and if you’ve been vaccinated, you will be able to avoid wearing a mask or social distancing. Those things should be incentives for all of us, since they allow us as individuals and as a campus to meet our full potential.

On the flip side, if you aren’t vaccinated, then you will need to continue to wear a mask. You may be asked to social distance. Some activities will be off-limits for you. And, if you are placed in quarantine, you will be responsible for getting make-up work and completing it.

For Students

Students who have verified in the Magnus app that they are vaccinated by July 23 will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes (one prize for each name drawn):

  • A cash prize of $2,500
  • One of five scholarships worth $500
  • One of five book scholarships worth $250
  • Dinner and a movie for the winner and 10 vaccinated friends

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff who have been fully vaccinated by July 23 will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes (one prize for each name drawn):

  • A cash prize of $2,500
  • One of five gift cards worth $500
  • A pair of football season tickets

Where to Get Vaccinated

Vaccines are now available nearly everywhere. To find a place to get your vaccine, follow these links:

Barton will host a vaccination clinic in early August. To sign up, visit this Google Form.

How to Report

To be entered into the drawings and to be recognized toward our goal of herd immunity, you will need to let the College know that you’ve been vaccinated

Students should report their vaccination status on the Magnus app.

Faculty and staff can report their vaccination status beginning Monday, June 28th, via a secure form; the link will be forthcoming.

In both instances, when you report your vaccination status you will be asked to permit the College to share your vaccination status with campus leaders as needed for coordinated events and incentive payouts.

Stay tuned for updates on vaccination levels and more information about college operations in the fall.



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