Health Services FAQs

What health forms are needed for me to attend Barton College?

All new students are required to complete a health form including a record of personal and family history and verification of immunization. The health form may be accessed online, and a hard copy is mailed with your Bulldog Packet from the Office of Admissions after your deposit has been received. The health form must be completed before a student is allowed to attend classes at the College. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. The health form provides detailed instructions on completing the form and which immunizations are required.

Do I need to get a meningitis vaccine?

Barton College and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all incoming freshmen receive the meningitis vaccine. This vaccine is not required to gain medical clearance at Barton College.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Your medical record is confidential. All files are locked and secured. No information is released to anyone outside the Health Center without your written authorization. Medical files are kept for seven years after your graduation or transfer.

Am I required to have health insurance to attend college?

No. However, illnesses, emergencies, and accidents can cost thousands of dollars. Having health insurance is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. If you choose to buy your own insurance plan, please make sure that the plan coverage includes physicians, hospitals, and clinics in Wilson, N.C. For assistance, please visit

Should I bring my health insurance card with me to College?

Yes. You should keep an insurance card (or front and back copy of your card) with you at all times. You may also choose to leave a copy on file in the Health Center.

May I keep medicine in my room?

Yes. You may keep prescription medicines in your room as long as they are prescribed to you and have the original label on the bottle.

Does the Health Center need to know about the medication I keep in my room?

Please be sure to note your current medications on your health form and make us aware of any new medications that you have been prescribed and will be taking for an extended period of time.

What hospital is near the College?

Wilson Medical Center is located less than five miles from campus:

1705 Tarboro Street West
Wilson, NC 27893

What does the Lee Student Health Center provide to Barton College students?

The Lee Student Health Center provides treatment for minor illnesses and injuries by licensed healthcare professionals, counseling services by a licensed counselor, and disability services and classroom accommodations for students with unique needs. The Health Center also provides education and hosts events on a broad range of health and wellness issues. TDaP, Meningococcal, and influenza vaccines are offered for a fee. Tuberculin skin tests are also available for a nominal fee. Urinalysis and testing for pregnancy, influenza, and strep throat are provided in the Health Center as ordered by provider at no cost to the student. Over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers, antihistamines, etc. are available free of charge as needed and recommended by the nurse. Referrals to community organizations, clinics, and hospitals are made as needed.

Who may utilize the services of the Health Center?

All students who are registered for classes at the College and hold a valid student ID may receive care at the Health Center.

How much does it cost to be seen by the Health Center staff?

There is no charge to students for Health Center visits. Fees may be incurred for immunizations, lab work, and prescription medication. No fees will ever be charged to a student without his/her expressed consent. Students are responsible for fees incurred when seeking healthcare or counseling services off campus.

If I am given a prescription by a provider in the Health Center, where can I have it filled?

Prescriptions should be taken to a local pharmacy to be filled. There are several pharmacies located within five miles of the College. The Health Center does not dispense prescription medication to students; however, over-the-counter medication is offered to students at no cost as needed and recommended by the nurse or physician.

What do I do if Health Services is closed?

When our office is closed, you may leave a phone message with your name and phone number, or you may email A member of our staff will contact you the following business day. If you have an emergency, go directly to the nearest emergency room or call 911. If your need is urgent, please contact the Wilson Police Department – Barton District at 252-399-6911.

If my injury or illness is emergent in nature, do I have to go to the emergency room by ambulance?

Sometimes an ambulance is your best choice, especially for more severe injuries and illnesses. Potential liability issues make it necessary for college police, staff, and faculty to avoid transporting sick or injured students; however, a friend with a car may offer to take you to the emergency room. Otherwise, ambulance transport is your only option.

I get allergy shots. Can I get them at the Student Health Center?

Yes. To receive your allergy injections in our office, we ask that you submit the following items:

  • A letter from your allergist stating that he/she will allow you to receive your injections in the Barton College Health Center and that you must remain under observation by the Health Center staff for 10-20 minutes after receiving your injection
  • Allergy protocol from your allergist
  • Serum and dosages from your allergist

Will parents be notified if a student is receiving health or counseling services?

Parents are not notified if a student is seen in the Health Center unless the student requests parental notification or if the student has a serious injury or illness. It is the student’s responsibility to notify parents of deviations from normal health. The Health Center staff will speak with parents about a student’s health or counseling issues if the student has given consent.

What happens if a student is sick and cannot study or attend class?

Students are encouraged to discuss their absence from class or inability to do assigned work with their professors. Class or assignment excusal notes are not issued by the Health Center.

How do I request immunization and/or health records from the Lee Student Health Center?

A student must provide written authorization for medical records to be released from the Health Center. The medical release form may be downloaded here.