Graduate in Four Years

Graduating in four years is possible for all Barton College students with careful planning and attention to academic success. A total of 126 credit hours with a minimum 2.0 college and major GPA is required for graduation. Additionally, you must complete all general education and major requirements while meeting all GPA and specific course grade standards.

Follow these guidelines to get on track to graduate in four years:

  • Earn an average of 15-16 credits each semester or 31-32 credits each academic year.
  • Enroll in summer sessions to catch up or get ahead.
  • Avoid repeating courses.
  • Coordinate general education courses with your major requirements.
  • Attend Advisor-Advisee meetings each semester.
  • Meet often with your academic advisor.
  • Schedule your time to prioritize academics.
  • Seek help from campus resources.

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