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AVID for Higher Education


AVID for Higher Education proudly serves more than 26,000 students in over 50 institutions in 17 states. Barton College is proud to be one of those sites, building on the success of AVID in local and regional high schools. AVID for Higher Education joins a strong and innovative team at Barton dedicated to supporting student endeavors for academic success.



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About AVID for Higher Education

AVID for Higher Education is dedicated to supporting students, often first-generation students or students of underrepresented populations, during their entire Barton College experience by offering support, seeking solutions, and engaging in self-reflection and team-building experiences. Any student may apply to join AHE.

(AVID participation in high school is NOT required for participation in Barton’s program.)

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See What Current AVID Students Are Saying About the AVID Pathway

“It [AVID] has been the best outlet. I felt very homesick this [past] semester, and this cohort has helped me feel more welcome.”

“I have been in AVID for seven years. It has helped me grow in so many ways and has taught me to be myself and always reach for the stars!”

“Mrs. Nance does a great job of making sure we are mentally well, and I greatly appreciate her.”

“I love AVID. I just wish more people knew about it!”

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