Moving In

Move-In Dates

Wednesday, August 18 – All new students
Saturday, August 21; 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. – Returning Students
Sunday, August 22 – Returning Students

Fall student-athletes will move in early on a date to be determined by Housing and Residence Life. Your coach share the move-in date with you, and it will be updated on the MyBartonHousing portal.

Move-In DayThe check-in process will begin at your assigned residence hall. In your residence hall lobby, you will be received by the Residence Life staff. They will provide all necessary check-in materials and your room key.

Once you complete the check-in process, you may begin moving your items into your room. Parking is available surrounding the residence halls. As this can be a busy day, please use your time efficiently and allow yourself extra time.

Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain an environment that is conducive to studying, relaxing, and building a positive experience during your stay in the residence halls.

If you have any housing questions or concerns, please contact Residence Life at 252-399-6386 or email

Tips for Moving In

• Decide what you need in order to function on campus.

• Bring items which will make you feel comfortable and make your room feel like home. These could be such things as a television, video game system, pictures, tablet/laptop, etc.

• If you requested roommates, communicate with them prior to arrival about items which you may want to share.

• Please review the FAQ section “What should I bring?” so you will be in compliance with housing regulations.