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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Barton’s Criminal Justice graduate program produces strong leaders in law enforcement and justice administration and prepares students to advance in the profession, to teach at the college level, or to pursue administrative positions in criminal justice fields.

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Program Details

About the Program

The Criminal Justice graduate program requires successful completion of 30 semester hours of graduate coursework and passing scores on a comprehensive examination. Through the program, students become accomplished scholars, researchers, analysts, and educators in criminal justice and other related fields.

Admission Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Applicants who have taken no CCJS-related courses may seek provisional admission and be required to complete up to 12 hours of undergraduate coursework with a grade of B or better.
  • Barton College alumni with a B.S. in CCJS must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the CCJS major while having a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Barton College alumni or students must earn or have earned a C or better in Research Design & Methods and in Techniques of Analysis/Statistics.

Graduate Curriculum

  • Criminology, Criminal Justice Sciences, and the Administration of Justice (3 hours)
  • Advances in Criminological Theory (3 hours)
  • Advanced Research Design and Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice Sciences (4 hours)
  • Advanced Methods of Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Criminology and Criminal Justice Sciences (4 hours)
  • Law Enforcement and Policing – an Intergovernmental Perspective (3 hours)
  • Law, Adjudication, and Legal Jurisprudence (3 hours)
  • Juvenile Justice, Corrections, and Treatment of the Offender (3 hours)
  • Crime and Justice Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation (3 hours)
  • Executive Development in Criminal and Juvenile Justice System Administration and Management (2 hours)
  • Selected topics in CCJS (3 hours). Choose one:
    • Managing Complex Investigations
    • Domestic and International Security Studies
    • Intelligence Analysis and Management
    • Transnational and Organized Crime
    • Terrorism and Homeland Security
    • Cyber, Financial, and White Collar Crime

3 credits for methods, techniques, exec development

Admission Process

  • Apply online at
  • Send official transcripts from accredited undergraduate college or university. If you are a Barton alumnus, the College already has your transcript on file.
  • Email required documents to
    • Resume
    • Personal statement listing academic and career goals
    • Three letters of reference addressing your potential to successfully complete graduate-level coursework


Tuition for applicants who hold a baccalaureate degree is $600 per graduate semester credit hour.

Program Director

David Abeling-Judge, PhD

Program Director for the B.S. and M.S. programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice Sciences
(252) 399-6441
Hines Hall 110-A

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