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Master of School Administration

Learn. Lead. Excel.

Through Barton’s Master of School Administration program, you can earn your North Carolina principal’s license and shape the future of your students’ success.

About the Master of School Administration

Barton’s Master of School Administration program prepares you to earn your North Carolina Principal’s license and to influence the success of your students. Through online courses, you will learn to cultivate leadership in others. And, through action research, you will turn theory into practice.

To arrange for an individualized virtual information session please email Dr. John F Boldt, Director of Graduate Education Program, Barton College at

Why Barton’s MSA?

  • Completely online
  • Designed for the working educator
  • Quality internships
  • Faculty who have experience as teachers, principals, and superintendents
  • Smaller groups
  • One-on-one discussion with professors

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Program Details


  • Standard Professional II Educator License or out-of-state equivalent
  • 3 years of public school experience
  • Official transcripts from other institutions
  • Personal statement of interest in the program
  • Recommendations from your current employer or administrator and a colleague (Form available online)
  • Professional resume
  • Interview with the Director of the Master’s Program in Education, if requested by the director

In Their Own Words

“Barton offered an environment that was highly conducive to learning. The professors’ feedback was genuine and thought-provoking, as they served as think-partners for me. I enjoyed the ability to study education at a deeper level. The education law course opened my eyes to the complexities of educational policies and statutes, and the instructional technology course exposed me to the latest and most effective digital tools available to educators. The contemporary studies course challenged me to examine the perspectives and experiences of other cultures. The professors always encouraged open dialogue and the sharing of different opinions. Barton helped me broaden my impact as an educator, where I currently serve as principal at Darden Middle School in Wilson.”

Jennifer Parker

MSA, Class of 2018

In Their Own Words

“I chose Barton’s School of Education because of its remarkable reputation. An ‘AHA!’ moment in the program that confirmed I was on the right track was when I heard the professor say, ‘Leaders lead by example.’ That philosophy perfectly aligns with my style of leadership. I valued the supportive instruction I received, as well as the candid encouragement and feedback from my professors, as they pushed me to reach my full potential. The MSA program provided a flexible learning experience to develop the leadership qualities needed, while allowing an opportunity to establish strong relationships with fellow MSA cohorts. We were able to develop strong networks with peers who shared diverse experiences within the field of school administration. Barton inspired me to reach my academic goal.”

Antoinette Relaford

MSA, Class of 2020

In Their Own Words

“Barton combined a supportive environment with a standard of excellence I was expecting from a graduate program. The Barton professors were encouraging and supportive, and they had a clear understanding of the education profession, which gave me confidence in their content and approach to teaching. I had two mentors at Barton, Dr. Ellis and Dr. Boldt. Both were supportive in and out of the classroom and have actually continued to help me in my career endeavors even after graduating. They both also had familiarity with the particular education environment where I was working, which was very helpful. Barton prepared me to reach my career goal of becoming an administrator.”

Debra Simons

Class of 2019

Admissions Guidelines

  • Apply through the Office of Admissions.
  • Based on the evaluation of your official transcript, develop a plan for the completion of your prerequisite and core curriculum requirements. Work with your program director will be available to help you plan your course of study.
  • Keep the School of Education advised of your progress toward completion of your prerequisite and core curriculum requirements.
  • Apply for the next cohort at

Program Courses

  • Contemporary Issues in Education
  • Introduction to School Leadership
  • Instructional Technology
  • Education in a Multicultural Context
  • Educational Research
  • Special Learning Needs of Students
  • School Improvement
  • School Law
  • Assessment
  • School Managerial Leadership
  • Administration and Supervision
  • School Internship

MSA Curriculum Plan

Chart your academic path through the semesters.

View MSA Curriculum Plan – August

View MSA Curriculum Plan – January

School Administration Licensure Curriculum Plan

Chart your academic path through the semesters.

View SA Licensure Plan – August

View SA Licensure Plan – January

Tuition and Financial Aid

2021-2022 Tuition: $358 per Semester Hour

  • For students working in Wilson County Schools, tuition is $282 per semester hour.
  • For students who are ACC/Barton alumni, tuition is $331 per semester hour.

Complete your FAFSA at and discuss your scholarship and aid options with our Office of Financial Aid at

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