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Why a Barton College Strategic Leadership MBA?

Jumpstart your career with an MBA in Strategic Leadership from Barton College.

The Barton College Strategic Leadership MBA reinforces our commitment to the citizens of eastern North Carolina. The 3+2 program for both entering freshmen and degree-holding candidates reflects our confidence in the current and future business leaders of this region to become engaged in community- and business-based events; pushing the citizenry to achieve its potential.

Earning an MBA opens the door to the next level of a business career and may even spark the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to start your own business. The intense study period transforms you—personally and professionally—and your leadership skills in ways that will improve and make a difference in your business, your community, and your world.

Employers seek to hire and retain employees who demonstrate leadership skills in a myriad of situations, advance business goals through teamwork, and problem-solve to arrive at practical solutions, going far beyond passive classroom-only knowledge.

At Barton College we value each and every student. Our criteria for entrance into the program takes into account your college performance, letters of reference, work experience, and your attitude toward learning and sharing (through an interview with our admissions committee). Your personal motivation to complete the program and desire to integrate learning outcomes into your career will be crucial factors in your quest to become a more dynamic leader.

Our commitment to you begins with a partnership for leadership; with dedicated faculty and engaged students working side by side to make positive contributions to society.

Elements in our Strategic Leadership MBA include:

  • Curriculum: Our focus on strategic leadership permeates the entire curriculum. Through academic achievements, co-curricular activities, and personal and community commitments, we aim to instill a habit of leadership in our graduates. “How will you lead today?” will guide our graduates in both personal and business endeavors.
  • Multiple entry points:
    • A student may enter the program as a freshman, declare the 3 + 2 MBA program, and graduate in 5 years with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.
    • A student may enter Barton as a transfer, declare the 3 + 2 MBA program, and graduate with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.
    • A degree-holding student may enter the MBA program, complete designated MBARC modules, and graduate with a master’s degree after 16 months of intensive, but manageable, course work and projects.
  • MBARC: The Strategic Leadership MBA offers a unique set of eight refresher courses for working adults (recommendations for enrollment will be determined during the interview).
  • International travel: Each cohort of students will experience international travel during the summer term, focusing on a specific industry across multiple countries.
  • Local, regional, and global group and individual projects: The projects are designed to strengthen relationships within all levels of the business community and demonstrate our applied learning approach to problem solving and visionary leadership.
  • Cohort grouping: Student class grouping allows for teamwork and collaboration during travel, projects, and support activities.
  • Interviews: Entry-level interviews, rather than standardized tests, are utilized to determine eligibility. Our entrance process emphasizes strengths of the student and his or her ability to prosper in the program.
  • Cohort pricing: Four equal installments will cover cost of texts, travel, technology, and projects.
  • Hybrid classes: Classes will be taught during evenings and/or Saturday, allowing students to maintain a healthy work/study/family balance.

Join our community of learners; become a forward-thinking leader; envision a brighter future for your company, your community, your world – jumpstart your career by applying for the Barton College Strategic Leadership MBA today!

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