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For High School and Transfer Students

The tuition rate for high school and transfer students in Master of Business Administration program is the same as the standard tuition rate for traditional undergraduate programs.

Barton full-time students who are receiving financial aid, please be aware that once you have completed 126 hours (projected as the end of your third year in the 3+2 program), your status will change from undergraduate to graduate student. Graduate students are NOT eligible for the same financial aid packages as undergraduate students. However, graduate students have significant funds available through Federal Student Loans. The Barton College financial aid office will provide you with the necessary information as you make that transition. Students in the 3+2 program should also know that their scholarships will NOT transfer from undergraduate to graduate studies.

For Students Possessing a BS or BA Degree

The tuition rate for students already possessing a BS or BA degree will be $750 per semester hour for a total of $29,250, which will be divided into four payments. This covers tuition, textbooks, technology (software), and travel experience. It will also include an introductory orientation and social events.

Graduate students have loan eligibility, and Barton’s financial aid office can assist you in researching these loans.

Many employers actively encourage their employees to pursue an MBA. Contact your human resources office to learn about the options your employer provides.

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