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Gateway Scholars Program

Students’ lives are dramatically changed by highly personal, well-designed, and deeply committed educational experiences. At Barton College, we want to create more opportunities to change the lives of those often overlooked but promising students. As school counselors, you know these students who have the ability to succeed … if only given the chance to tell their story.

Barton’s new Gateway Scholars Program can provide that opportunity. In this inaugural launch, we are inviting a limited number of counselors to nominate up to seven students for this special consideration. We hope you will be one of those counselors nominating students whom you know will benefit from this investment.

In return, we will make an extraordinary effort to make the Barton College education affordable, and to personally guide your nominees through this process as they evaluate their college options.

Gateway recipients will receive:
  • Priority review and a 48-hour admission decision (with a fully completed application);
  • A merit scholarship between $12,000 and full tuition (based on admission criteria evaluation);
  • Priority decision for our extensive, need-based financial aid opportunities, which has earned Barton College a top tier ranking in the 2024 U.S. News & World Report’s “Social Mobility” Among Regional Colleges in the South.
  • Priority consideration for summer orientation reservations and for a “Jump Start” early summer course at $300;
  • Individual financial and affordability counseling, including assistance in completing the new FAFSA (upon request);
  • Assignment to one of Barton’s innovative “Pathways” programs, connecting new students in shared interest groups.

A few other important aspects of the Gateway Scholars program:

  • Each selected counselor can nominate up to seven students for the program;
  • Students must have a minimum GPA or 2.5 or higher;

*Note: Gateway Scholar Award recipients will receive the Gateway Scholar award won or, if they qualify, a larger merit-based scholarship at the time of application. The larger merit-based scholarship will replace the Gateway Scholars award won if eligible.

Nominations (one per student) must be received before December 18, 2023.