Featured image for post: Morghan Bosch, Ed.D.

Morghan Bosch, Ed.D.

Dr. Bosch teaches courses in the School of Education undergraduate, residency, and graduate programs. Her public-school teaching experience includes nine years teaching special education in two Virginia public school systems. She had a passion to learn more about working with children who have autism and earned her doctorate in 2015 from Regent University in special education. Dr. Bosch’s dissertation was entitled, Examining General Education and Special Education Teachers’ Attitudes toward Teaching Students with Autism. She was hired by Barton College summer 2015 as an assistant professor and started her collegiate teaching. In 2020, she earned the rank of associate professor.

Some selected accomplishments include developing autism courses for Barton and creating course offerings in special education for the Barton undergraduate and residency programs. She serves on many college committees and is active in the community and involved with the local schools. Dr. Bosch takes teaching seriously and is committed to preparing undergraduate and graduate students to be effective and confident special education teachers.

Dr. Bosch has written three books and several articles in national journals. She has conducted numerous workshops, and presented in many conferences on autism, exceptionalities, and transition services. Her latest interest has been writing children’s books for her series on Embracing Differences. The first book in the series was Being Charley: Embracing Differences (2019). It is a story about a family of geese with five siblings. Charley was a sibling that was unlike the others. He has autism. Most books on autism are written about autism and not for children with autism. It won the Readers Favorite 5-star Award. The series can be purchased on Amazon and I-tunes. The second book in the series, Embracing Differences, is about another sibling and titled Being Gus: Embracing Differences. It is about a goose who enjoys being Charley’s caregiver, confident, and especially his big brother. The book is at the publishers and will be out in spring of 2023. She feels individual differences need to be seen in positive ways to foster understanding and acceptance by all people. She has started writing the third book in the series and has identified other siblings to highlight and share their stories.

Dr. Bosch’s research centers on identifying the skill sets teachers need to be effective special education teachers. She continues to develop a multi-task lesson plan template for more student learning. This includes providing an assessment component to assess learning while providing instruction, and a classroom management component that begins the lesson and continues until the lesson ends.