Featured image for post: Miguel Elizalde, M.F.A.

Miguel Elizalde, M.F.A.

Miguel Elizalde is a Spanish artist and educator interested in the role of body sensations that are embedded in the perceptual process. His background is in advertising with more than 50 international awards and recognitions for his work in communication campaigns over the years.

As an artist, words were his first tool, later it was video, and currently it is space and sound. Nowadays, most of his work is about the presence of infrasound in public spaces; however, he continues using any of these three tools depending on the project. He has exhibited in Europe, Asia, and America.

As an educator, he has been teaching courses at the intersection of art, design, and technology for the last 15 years in Europe and the United States. He is interested in artists working with brands and brands working with artists. During the last decade, he also worked as a creative consultant for international clients.