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Charles Lanier, D.B.A.

Charles Lanier is an associate professor of marketing and business administration. He teaches courses in Barton College’s undergraduate and MBA programs including courses in statistics, marketing, global learning, and business administration. He earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Applied Mathematics and in Psychology from The University of Alabama–Tuscaloosa; a Master of Science in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Iowa in Iowa City; and his Doctorate of Business Administration from Argosy University in Sarasota, Florida.

Dr. Lanier has held positions at American College Testing (ACT), The University of Tennessee–Knoxville, Western Harnett High School (N.C.), and several state agencies in North Carolina before joining the faculty of Barton College. Lanier also served as North Carolina’s first Governor’s Liaison for the Census (Census 2000) under former North Carolina Governor, Jim Hunt.

Outside the classroom, Dr. Lanier’s research focuses on the predictive power of cultural dimensions and, more specifically, the interactions that take place between cultural dimensions when modeling nation-level market behaviors. Lanier has received awards for team excellence in North Carolina and outstanding research at several international conferences. He lives in Garner, N.C., and has four adult sons: Kirk, Colin, Noah, and Zed.

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