Featured image for post: R. Greg Bauer, D.H.Sc.

R. Greg Bauer, D.H.Sc.

Dr. Bauer began his career at Barton in 1997 and has served in numerous roles over his tenure. Most recently, Dr. Bauer served as the Dean of New Learning, and Healthcare Administration Program Director as well as providing faculty support and education as an online learning expert. Dr. Bauer has recently taken on a role in the School of Business with a focus on the MBA program and graduate education.

Dr. Bauer is rooted in the philosophy that the best professors are those who stay current and relevant in their field. Practicing this ideology himself, Dr. Bauer splits his time between Barton College and the business world, by continuing to work in a number of roles in the healthcare industry, including clinical practice and administration. He has a special interest in emergency management and disaster preparedness in healthcare and continues to work both domestically and internationally in these roles. He is a frequent speaker at national conferences in the area of healthcare preparedness, emergency management, and workforce development.

In addition to his roles at Barton College and in the healthcare industry, Dr. Bauer continues to serve as a sworn law enforcement officer in eastern North Carolina. He is also an avid runner and triathlete and can often be found running marathons all over the East Coast.