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Alex Barnes

Hometown: Peletier, NC

Major:  Exercise Science

Minors: Biology

Why are you an Orientation Leader: I am an Orientation Leader because of my passion for helping others. I understand that the transition to college is a difficult one for many. My job is to ease that transition as best I can and provide information and resources to incoming students.

Favorite Barton memory:  My favorite Barton memory would is beating D1 Davidson at their house.

What do you want new students and their families to know:  If I had to describe my Barton Experience, I would say that it has been empowering. When I first arrived, I came to play football and get my degree. What I didn’t know though was that I would be involved in so much more. Many of my peers and the academic staff have pushed me out of my comfort zone to be the best me. I encourage new students to try out new things and make connections with as many people as you can.