Days of Scholarship & Engagement

Celebrating the Research of Students, Alumni, and Employees

Days of Scholarship is a tradition at Barton College. We gathered together once a year to welcome guest researchers, listen to research presentations from students, staff, and faculty, and celebrate our alumni whose research skills, built at Barton, have led them to success.



Ms. Kaydene Powell, Class of 2020

Please plan to join us in Hardy Alumni Hall at 9 am on April 4th to hear alumna Kaydene Powell (Class of 2020), share her experience with Reaching Higher: Redefining Scholarship.

Kaydene Powell is a native of Sanguinetti, Jamaica. As the eldest of seven children, she moved to the United States in 2002.  She spent several years in New York before relocating to Clayton, North Carolina in 2014 with her daughters, Arya and Aryn. Motivated by her daughters, Ms. Powell has sought education as a means for growth and development. She completed an Associate’s degree from Johnston Community College in 2018 and a Bachelor’s degree from Barton College in 2020. While at Barton, she developed lasting relationships even amid the pressures of COVID-19.  She completed her degree in psychology with a minor in English. While in school, she worked as a patient coordinator at Access Physical Therapy and upon graduation was promoted to lead patient coordinator.  In 2021, she became the administrative team leader. This role allows her to support employees in North Carolina and in Pennsylvania as she handles many human resources tasks.  It is her passion for learning that has taken her back to Johnston Community College where she is working to earn a paralegal certificate and where she is learning American Sign Language.  She spends her free time with her daughters and her dogs on road trips.  She is an avid Cross Fitter who enjoys weightlifting, trying new foods, reading, and listening to podcasts. We are delighted to welcome her back to Barton.

About Poster Presentations

Academic posters balance the information pertaining to research with the design and layout of graphics, concisely communicating key elements of the project. Members of the Barton College community apply to have their posters included in Day of Scholarship, and these posters are adjudicated by faculty volunteers.

At an academic conference, posters are displayed throughout the duration of the event with their respective researchers on hand to discuss the content.

Student Presentations

The Role of Self-Care Practices in Well-Being

Alyssa Gordon

The Effects of Intimacy on an Individual from Non-Romantic Relationship

Morgan Tripp

The Effects of Divorce on Individuals’ Mental Health from a College-Aged Perspective 

Camryn Lipford

Memory Across Aging 

Faye Atwood

Age and Gender Differences in Emotion Recognition

Hailey Russell

Hermit Crab Personality: Do Hermit Crabs (Coenobita Clypeatus) Differ in Boldness and Shyness?

Alterations in Microbial Diversity Due to PCB Contamination in a Wake County Stream

Morgan Shaw

Pressure in Holistic Medicine 

Nathan Metcalf

The Effects of Relaxation Techniques on Stress and Anxiety

Maddie Garrick

An Investigation of Resilience in International and U.S. Students

Luciana Prudencio

The Effectiveness of Coping Between Students ad Student Athletes

Oliva Poland

Factors That Influence Student-Athlete Success

Samantha Cole

How Do Social Stressors Affect First-Year Students at Barton College

Carolina Schoonover

The Relationship Between Coaching Styles and Mental Health in Athletes at Barton College

Rilee Jones

Social Media and Its Impact at the Workplace

Nico Rocksein 

Social Media Use and Its Effect on Stress and Anxiety

Tobias Nielson

Stress Levels in Students and Student Athletes

Hodges Tubaugh

Impact of Covid-19 on Elementary Students’ Reading Levels

Grace Greene

Factors That Influence Juvenile Delinquency

Kaleigh Dalton

The Effects of Visual Prompting on Individuals With Autism 

Savanna Willis

How the Catholic Response to Oral Communication Shaped the Public Debate Concerning Birth Control

Bailey Bass

Faculty Presentations

Intersections and Divisions of Culture and Identity in Irish Cuisine: Reflections on Recreating a Historic Dinner on Its 200th Anniversary

Dr. Gerard Lange

Beyond Men’s Experiences: Developing a Psychometric Scale to Measure Perceptions of Men’s Fitness for Professional Nursing 

Dr. Christopher Smith

Self-Efficacy, Effort, and Perceived Performance Impact Acute Well-Being Responses to Strength Training Sessions in Student-Athletes
Dr. Lauren Biscardi

A Southern Season: Rural Stories and the Disappearing South

Mr. Michael Brantley

Assessing Beliefs About Psychedelics Across Healthcare Related Disciplines: A Cross-Sectional Study to Validate the Attitudes on Psychedelics Questionnaire’s Latent Variable Model in a U.S. Population

Dr. Christopher Smith 

The Road Through “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Ms. Theresa Scott

Master Level Student Research Presentations

The Psychological Well-Being of Post-Stroke Patients

Telina Bunch

The Effects of Assisted vs. Resisted Sprint Training  on Speed

Alvin De Jesus

Eccentric and Isometric Training Effects Compared to Traditional Weight Training 

Gabe Kirkendoll

Examining the Impact of the Coach-Athlete Relationship on Anxiety and Perceived Performance in Collegiate American Football Athletes

Ben Hart

Perceived Stress Levels in College Athletes and College Students

Adam Jones

Case Study of Air-Force ROTC Physical Training Utilizing the Operator Fitness Test

Drew Lankford 

The Effects of Shoulder Injury on Strength Range of Motion in Overhead  Throwing Athletes

Ryan McIssac

The Effects of Electronic Dance Music on Runners

Jordan Reeves

The Effectiveness of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Physiological, Psychological, and Nutritional Variables

PJ Savage 

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