Publications and Printing

Publications and Printing Requests

  • Please notify the Office of Marketing Communications a minimum of four weeks in advance for regular printing projects, and six weeks in advance for large printing projects.
  • For printed publications, an account number is required for billing purposes in advance of print job submission. Send account numbers to Keith Tew at
  • When considering the use of registered logos (now trademarked), please reference the style guide (PDF posted in Campus Connect with these guidelines) or contact Keith Tew at

Information Needed When Submitting Publication and Printing Orders

  • When does the completed order need to be ready for pick-up? Please keep in mind that the production timetable will need to include appropriate time for mailing and distribution.
  • Budget will have a direct impact on the selection of paper, choice of one or multiple print colors, etc. Know how much funding has been allotted for each project.
  • Know the quantity of the item needed to be printed.
  • Will the printed piece be mailed? Request a mailing list early.
  • Who is the audience and what is the purpose of the printed material? This will be very helpful to the designer and will have a direct impact on the creative design of the printed piece.
  • What information needs to be included in the printed piece? Please include title of event, dates and times, locations, names and titles for featured speakers and/or participants, sponsors that need to be listed, etc.
  • Plan to share the project details (proofed and in good order) in writing or by electronic file with the Office of Marketing Communications at the beginning of the project. The timetable for the completed project is significantly affected when information is incomplete upon receipt of the order request, when changes are made to information already submitted, or when significant changes are made at the proof stage, etc.
  • Also, when submitting text copy, please send plain text in a single column with no formatting or tabs. Design preferences may be shared with the Marketing Communications staff at the planning meeting.
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