About the Center

chapel-400×267The Barton College Center for Religious Studies seeks to contribute scholarship in religious studies, support for the ecumenical and interfaith ministries of the Disciples of Christ, and educational assistance to Disciples of Christ ministers and congregations necessary for the ongoing life of the church. Within the Barton College academic and student life programs, the Center assists in encouraging students to reflect on the intersection of faith, life, and vocation, mentoring students toward ministry, and contributing academic support to the Religion Studies major.

Specifically, the strategic purpose of the Center is fulfilled through stewardship of the Barnhill Chair of Religious Studies and with the assistance of the Chaplain of the College in the following activities:

  • Encouraging scholarly research and conversations in religious studies.
  • Affirming and supporting theological and spiritual reflection for ministry in the church.
  • Nurturing Barton College’s historical relationship with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) within the context of ecumenical and interfaith dialog.
  • Providing theological and pastoral educational opportunities for eastern North Carolina churches.
  • Contributing to and supporting the spiritual development of Barton College students by assisting in reflection on vocation, while also mentoring some students toward ministry.
  • Supporting the major in Religion Studies at Barton College.


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