Safety Tips

Securing Valuables

  1. Lock your doors when you leave your room.
  2. Make a list of your valuables. Include detailed descriptions and serial numbers.
  3. DO NOT lend your keys to anyone. Keys can be duplicated.
  4. Engrave your valuables.

Computer Security

  1. DO NOT use easily guessed passwords.
  2. Change your password often.
  3. Record the make, model, and serial numbers of your equipment.
  4. Restrict who uses your computer.
  5. Back-up vital data and store in a safe location.

ATM Safety

  1. NEVER count your money at the ATM.
  2. Always take your statement.
  3. DO NOT give your PIN to anyone.
  4. DO NOT keep your PIN in your wallet or purse.
  5. Be aware of who is around the ATM.

Vehicle Safety

  1. Always lock your vehicle.
  2. NEVER leave your keys in your vehicle.
  3. Keep a spare key in your wallet or purse. NEVER hide it in your car. Thieves know where to look.
  4. Have your key ready when you get to your vehicle.
  5. Keep your vehicle serviced to avoid breakdowns. Check your fuel guage.

Fire Safety

  1. Smoke only in designated areas.
  2. DO NOT leave heat-producing items plugged in.
  3. Have a plan of what to do in case of a fire.
  4. Know where fire alarms are located.
  5. Take part in fire drills. Take these safety procedures seriously.
  6. Learn how to operate the fire extinguishers.
  7. Call 252-399-6911 or the fire department if you smell smoke. Alert others in the area.
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