Parking Regulations and Permit Requirements

All vehicles using college-owned parking facilities must be registered with the Wilson Police Department, Barton College District Office through the Coordinator of Mail Services and Parking Passes (Barton College Post Office) by the Last Day to Add/Drop Courses. Persons registering vehicles will be issued a parking permit to be affixed to the bottom left of the back window of the vehicle.

If a registered vehicle is sold, or otherwise disposed of, the parking permit should be removed and returned to the Wilson Police Department, Barton College District Office. A new parking permit will be issued at no charge. The College is not responsible for lost or stolen parking permits.

Certain parking spaces on the campus are designated for handicapped, visitor, and special designation parking only. The College has open parking whereby students, faculty, and staff can park in delineated parking spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. The College does not guarantee the availability of parking spaces and encourages commuting students to arrive in plenty of time to find a parking space prior to class.

Parking tickets will be placed on all vehicles that are unregistered, and/or improperly or illegally parked. Barton College parking ticket fines are $25.00 per violation. Wilson Police Department Parking Fines are determined by the City of Wilson (for example, fines for parking in handicap spaces). Parking fines will be paid at the Student Financial Services. No refunds of parking permit fees will be made to those individuals whose privileges are revoked or suspended for cause. Students with outstanding fines will not be permitted to pre-register or receive academic transcripts until all fines are cleared.

Students will be required to return their motor vehicles to their homes if, in the opinion of the Vice President for Student Engagement, possession of the vehicle is interfering with academic achievement or campus adjustment. Students who repeatedly violate parking regulations may be subject to disciplinary action.

The College reserves the right to search any vehicle parked on campus property, if in the opinion of the Vice President for Student Engagement or designee, a search is justifiable. If a search is granted, a search warrant (in writing) will be provided to the owner at the time of the search. A search warrant is issued after probable cause is developed and is only obtained by law enforcement.

Finally, the College may request that students remove their vehicles from specific areas on campus in order to accommodate guests for special events, concerts, theatre productions, art exhibition openings, sporting events, etc. The College will not be responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles caused by theft, vandalism, acts of nature, or other causes beyond its control

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