Being Bold


At Barton College, we are continuously embracing the concept of bold. For us, bold means taking a fearless confidence and cheerful courage to expand the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The goal of education, particularly at Barton, is to transform lives — to help students develop intellectually, spiritually, socially and culturally as they discover the person they’re meant to become.

We are fortunate to be an institution where the commitment and talent of our faculty, the passion and dedication of our students, and the perseverance and determination of our staff combine to make this an environment where we all can learn and grow.


Inside the classroom, we’re delving deep into conversations and studies. Outside the classroom, we’re establishing internships and partnerships that help both the students and the institution.

From hands-on laboratory experiences to clinical rotations to student teaching, there is boldness and innovation at each turn. Our 22 collegiate sports have our student-athletes demonstrating sportsmanship and competitiveness on the field and in the classroom.


We strive to think clearly and deeply about our purpose — a purpose that has us making a difference in the world around us.

Day of Service, Wilson-Barton Partnership, Theatre at Barton, Barton College/Wilson Symphony Orchestra, Friends of Visual Arts, and Friends of Hackney Library — these are just some of the ways we are giving back to the community.

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