Outstanding Recent Graduate

The Outstanding Recent Graduate Award was established to honor graduates of 10 years or fewer who have given outstanding service to Barton College and who have begun to distinguish themselves as leaders in the areas of civic, religious, and professional life. The recipient must meet all of the following criteria:

  • A Barton graduate.
  • Shown continued support for Barton College since graduation and made significant contributions toward the advancement of its goals.
  • Distinguished him/herself as a well-known leader in his/her profession by being recognized for outstanding accomplishments.
  • Distinguished him/herself as a leader in the affairs of his/her community, church, civic matters, etc.
  • Be present during Homecoming to receive the award.

Award Recipients

2019Kasey Byzewski, ’14
2018David Joel King, ’09
2017Luke C. Costanza, ’14
2016Leslie Adams Warren, ’13
2015Katherine Smith Long ’12
2014Paola Marte, ’09
2013Brittany Creamer Spear, ’09
2012Kelly Dawkins, ’04
2011Alexandra Denton Massimi, ’08
2009Ben Bridgers, ’04
2007Kimberly Denton Almkuist, ’02
2006Todd Bailess, ’99
2005James Keith Beazley III, ’01


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