Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award was established to honor alumni who have given outstanding service to Barton College and who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the areas of civic, religious, and/or professional life. This is the highest award given to a Barton College alumnus/a. The recipient must meet all of the following criteria:

  • A Barton graduate.
  • Shown continued support for Barton College since graduation and made significant contributions toward the advancement of its goals.
  • Distinguished him/herself as a well-known leader in his/her profession by being recognized for outstanding accomplishments.
  • Distinguished him/herself as a leader in the affairs of his/her community, church, civic matters, etc.
  • Be present during Homecoming to receive the award.

Award Recipients

2019James M. Adams, Sr., ’68
2018Phillip Brooks Hylemon, ’67
2017Russell T. Rawlings, ’78
2016Sharon Hazelrigg Ginn, ’59
A. Stephen Ginn, ’59
2015E. Thomas Parham Jr., ’63
2014Dr. William P. Nixon Jr. ’64
2013Bobby D. White, ’79
2012Ashley T. Hooks, ’69
2011Phyllis Parish Howard, ’79
2010Phillip H. “Butch” Warren, ’71
2009A. J. Walston, ’58
2008Miriam “Mickey” Moore Dunn, ’47
2007Nan Mattox Cheek, ’54
2006Dan Shingleton, ’63
2005Robert L. “Bobby” Dunn Jr., ’60
2004Aaron E. Fussell, ’46
2003George C. Finklea Jr., ’78
2002Kenneth R. Thornton, ’64
2001Virginia “Gina” McCuen, ’65
2000Zeb M. Whitehurst III, ’55
1999Rebecca Lennon Crowder, ’65
1998Stephen V. Sprinkle, ’74
1997John F. Lee, ’82
1996Margaret Brown McCaffity, ’52
1995A. C. Dawson, ’37
1994Gilbert D. Davis Jr., ’46
1993Joseph Q. Holliday, ’42
1992Bethany Rose Joyner, ’47
1991Darwin W. McCaffity, ’49
1990Samuel T. Ragan, ’36
1989James B. Hemby Jr., ’55
1988Claylon D. Weeks, ’41
1987James D. Daniell, ’48
1986Georgia Brewer Campion, ’36
1985Johnnie C. Baker, ’63
1984Ray G. Silverthorne, ’40
1983Jack D. Brinson, ’33
1982Cecil A. Jarman, ’28
1981William W. Shingleton, ’40
1980Sarah Bain Ward, ’38
1979Robert M. Clark Jr., ’49
1978Howard E. Blake, ’43
1977Paul C. Southard, ’26
1976C. Manley Morton, ’09
1975Milton L. Adams, ’37, and Madeline Tripp, ’38
1974Larry A. High, ’41
1973William E. Tucker, ’53
1972J. E. Paschall, ’18
1971J. P. Tyndall, ’45
1970H. Leman Barnhill, ’26
1969Naomi E. Morris, ’43
1968Norman (Tweetie) Etheridge, ’37


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