Middle and Secondary School Education Residency Program

Summer, Fall, and Spring Classes Online



Methods Courses Can Be Completed in One Year

  • Embark on a licensure path with one-on-one support.
  • Learn essential skills to teach your students and more effectively maximize their learning.
  • Receive individualized coaching to manage/organize yourself, your time, and your classroom.
  • Belong to a cohort of like-minded professionals who support one another.
  • Discover ways to use your prior experience/education as a unique skillset to be a teacher leader.


  • EDU 321 – Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • EDU 322 – Coaching
  • EDU 448 – Middle and Secondary School Methods
  • EDU 451 – Classroom Management
  • EDU 331 – Teaching Diverse Learners
  • EDU 333 – Instructional Technology
  • EDU 363 – Literacy in the Content Areas
  • EDU 413 – Coaching II
  • EDU 453* – Submitting the edTPA

*A 1-hour course specifically designed to prepare candidates for licensure.

Content Requirement

To pursue licensure in Middle School Education, you must have 24 hours of content coursework in the area of licensure.

Cost: $318 Per Credit Hour

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Residency Program FAQs

What is expected of a residency teacher?

Residency candidates are offered a one-year residency license that can be renewed twice (three total years). Within that three-year span, residency teachers must complete an educator preparation program (EPP) like Barton’s, pass all required licensure exams, and pass the edTPA portfolio.

Do I enroll in an EPP before being hired?

Yes. Since the lateral entry pathway transitioned to the residency pathway in 2019, all residency candidates are required to be actively enrolled in EPP courses before being hired as a residency licensure teacher. While one-year permits to practice or emergency licenses can provide extra time to candidates not yet in a program, being enrolled in an EPP can provide applicants a higher level of qualification when seeking teaching positions.

What do I need to be able to participate in an online program?

Each residency program requires prerequisite content courses. If an applicant has not met the content requirements, the School of Education will work with the person to make a plan to meet the requirements and be eligible to enroll in the program when the prerequisites have been met. Also, a minimum GPA of 2.7 is required. If a potential student does not meet the requirement, the School of Education may provide a plan to allow the student to have an opportunity to reset the GPA in order to be eligible to enter the residency licensure program upon successful completion of the prescribed requirements.

A personal computer with a good internet connection, a headset (or just earbuds if your computer has a built-in mic), a webcam (often built into the computer), and updated free Adobe Flash Player software.

Do I have to be a classroom teacher to begin Barton’s program?

No. It certainly helps as some courses are available only to residency teachers and are designed to allow you to integrate strategies in your classroom. It is required for the coaching support offered in EDU 322 and EDU 413. While it is not a requirement for admission to the program, it is required for program completion and eligibility for licensure. Those seeking employment after program completion may choose to complete a semester of student teaching in lieu of the coaching courses.

Do I have to start in the fall?

Although we recommend staring in the fall and following a cohort throughout your time with us, it’s not mandatory. Starting the program in the spring is an option. Many courses are only offered in the semester indicated in the Course list above. We will help you plan accordingly.

In what content areas do you offer licensure?

Candidates can pursue licensure in language arts, math, science, or social studies for grades 6-9. Official acceptance into one of the four tracks is dependent on the candidate’s completion of 24 credits worth of prior coursework in the given area. We will work with you to help provide options for completing those requirements.

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