Course Placement

College Writing Placement

Your initial placement into College Writing courses is based on your SAT/ACT scores. You may also receive college transfer or advanced placement (AP) credits for College Writing.

Mathematics Placement

The first mathematics course that you take at Barton is determined by your SAT/ACT test scores, your score on the Math Readiness Test (MRT), or previously completed college math credit (AP, Dual Enrollment, and/or Transfer Credit).

The Math Readiness Test is administered to incoming freshmen and transfer students who require MTH 130 – College Algebra for their intended majors and have SAT/ACT scores below 530/24 or who do not bring to Barton advanced placement (AP) credit or appropriate college transfer credit. Students will be alerted prior to orientation if they are required to complete the Math Readiness Test. Learn more about the MRT here.

Foreign Language Placement

Students may also take a Spanish placement test. The test is recommended for any student with at least a C+ average in two or more years of Spanish in high school.

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