Advising and Registration

You will meet with your academic advisor and pre-register for fall classes at summer or fall orientation. Your First Year Seminar (FYS) instructor also serves as your academic advisor for the first year at Barton.

All students take FYS their first year. Check out the FYS Course Descriptions to choose the course for you. In addition, you may take courses in subjects including English, math, computer information systems, science, social science and/or physical education during the first semester. You may also begin to take introductory courses to explore your intended major.

If you attend a summer Orientation Session, a final course schedule will be mailed to you in July. You have an opportunity to make schedule changes before classes begin.


Students may take three placement tests at Orientation – English, foreign language, and math. All placement tests are given on the first day of Orientation.

The mathematics placement test is administered to all incoming freshman and transfer students who do not bring to Barton an advanced placement or college-level transfer credit for a mathematics course. The first mathematics course that a student takes at Barton is determined by the student’s score on the placement test. More information is available here.

The foreign language placement test is required for any student with a C+ average in two or more years of Spanish or French in high school.

Initial placement into English courses is based on SAT/ACT scores. Some students are advised to take the English placement test to ensure correct course placement. Your advisor will recommend the English placement test during the Group Advising session at Orientation.