We Have Arrived!

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San Felipe Fortess in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Barton College School of Nursing has arrived in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic! Nine nursing students and I escaped the impending freezing rain threatening North Carolina to arrive in the tropical paradise of Puerto Plata. We are here for seven days during Spring Break to join in the work of Dove Missions, a private, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk children in Puerto Plata. The course objectives of this international learning experience focus on the assessment of growth, nutritional intake, and health status of Dominican and Haitian children. During our time here, students will have an opportunity to view the world through a different lens as they encounter unbelievable poverty and grow in cultural awareness and sensitivity.  We hope you will follow our blog posts and share in our journey of growth and discovery.

Carol Ruwe, Associate Professor
Barton College School of Nursing

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