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While visiting the many ecosystems of the Coastal Carolina core sound beside Harker’s Island, we have encountered many situations. First today we visited a bird sanctioned island full of terns, oyster catchers, pelicans, and egrets. Then we visited the Cape lookout point lighthouse where we saw reptiles like skinks and Black Racers (snakes) that were mating in the dunes. From there on we moved to multiple sand/mud flats to collect shells and different types of organisms like mollusks, arthropods, and echinoderms. Some examples of these would be oysters, horseshoe crabs, and urchins. On our way home we spotted three or four Loggerhead turtles that almost threw half of our crew off the boat into the sea from excitement. Some, unfortunately, did not see the giants and instead were left unknowing of their presence(Taylor). I’m not sure if they will ever see the turtles again but my colleague Austin and I were very grateful to see them. Although the day was fun, we ran into a sandbar. literally. From there we pushed the boat to deeper water to not only free the boat, but put us back on our journey home.

Jordan Robison, Organismal Biology, Austin Edmonds, Enviromental Biology

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