The Importance of Goodbyes – Costa Rica Day 4

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Playing with Putty Costa Rica 2019

Today was our second day at the school, working with the students and teaching them lessons. We arrived at the school bright and early and ready to work! The students were extremely excited to see us; they ran to us with open arms and warm smiles.

Kids Dressed for Agriculture Day, Costa Rica 2019We worked on three main lessons with them today. We taught moon phases, how to make small lava-like lamps, and how to plant seeds. This was extremely fitting because it was agriculture day at the school. All the kids dressed up in their traditional dresses and outfits to celebrate the day.

All of the classes we worked with today were happy to spend time with us again. They wanted to take tons of pictures and play as many games as possible. The students enjoyed the lessons since they were interactive and allowed them to learn new English words.

Thank-You Card, Costa Rica 2019At the end of the day when all of the teaching came to an end, the students began saying their goodbyes. This was very emotional since we all had formed strong bonds with the students. They sang us a short song and gave us a thank-you card. After the long goodbyes, we headed back to our host families for the evening.

Saying goodbye to the students today showed us an important aspect of the culture here in Costa Rica. Goodbyes here are very heartfelt and genuine. People take their time to say goodbye and enjoy the last few minutes they have with the guests.

Once we returned to our host families, we enjoyed afternoon coffee and snacks before heading out to the markets in search of new foods to try. In the market, we were able to sample an array of fruits that are specific to the climate here. They were delicious and bursting with flavor.

After the markets and some more downtown exploring, we headed back to our homes for dinner and a soccer game watch party. We enjoyed a typical Costa Rican meal of chicken and rice. Then the game started! Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the game. In the Costa Rican culture, soccer is important. They stop everything they are doing in order to support their favorite teams. It is interesting to see how one sport can pull so many people together!

After the game, we enjoyed the company of one another before heading to bed to rest up for the next day’s journey to Cahuita.

Allison Dunkle, junior Special Education and Elementary Education major
Alayna Moore, junior Biology major

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