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From Barton to Beijing – Reflections on Adventures to China

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by Kirk Butts Wilson, North Carolina, is a small and inviting community that welcomes visitors the very first time they drive through the city. Its warm hospitality makes Wilson the perfect place for Barton College students to comfortably call home. Being comfortable is nice, but rarely is it exciting. That is why Barton puts such a strong emphasis on international travel. Opportunities abound for students, alumni, faculty, and friends of the College interested in exploring the world. Literary pub tours follow the footsteps of some of Ireland and the United Kingdom’s greatest writers. Guests can gaze with their own eyes on some of the world’s most photographed attractions, such as […]

Experience the Beauty of Costa Rica in July

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WILSON, N.C. — Why not include a trip to Costa Rica in your summer plans? Barton College’s international program is sponsoring a nine-day trip from July 8 – 16 for students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College. Take a well-deserved break from books and work to venture deep into Costa Rica and explore its famously stunning ecological terrain, which includes active volcanoes, forested mountains, and palm-lined beaches. Travelers will arrive in San José on the first day and begin their week at the Braulio Carrillo National Park touring by aerial tram to view this wildlife preserve that is home to jaguars, ocelots, quetzals and eagles, just to name a […]