2017 Dominican Republic Day 2 – Play Is an International Language

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Today, we learned that no matter where you are or what country you may be visiting, play is an international language. At Dove Missions, Saturday is considered a free day for the children at the center to come eat, play, and have fun with their peers in a safe environment. This center allows the children to receive healthy snacks, daily vitamins, and take part in a worry-free setting.

To start our day, we unpacked our donations that the community gratefully received; we plan to deliver the rest of these items throughout the week to the local clinic and the community hospital. Afterwards, we taught a simple nutritional lesson to the kids through a game of bingo, which helped them to learn the five basic food groups. Throughout this activity, we found that the kids knew a lot about the different food groups, and they seemed eager to participate in the game.

After lunch, we took the kids outside and introduced them to some of our favorite games from our childhood. We played many relay-type activities, and we presented “Duck, Duck, Goose” to all of the kids at the center. Because all of them were so excited to be the goose, this quickly became a competitive game; but the children were also very giving and allowed their peers to be the goose first even though they had been waiting themselves. We found that it was easy to become attached to many of the kids at the center because of their sweet personas and all of their hugs!

By Kailey Minnich and Hannah Tilander

(Follow the experiences of our students as they have been serving in the Dominican Republic during spring break. Visit the blog at the Barton College School of Nursing.)

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