Introduction to Costa Rican Culture – Costa Rica Day 1

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Barton students enjoying a meal in Costa Rica

Day One in Costa Rica was an eye-opening and reassuring day. Meeting the families in Grecia was nerve-racking at first, but the Costa Rican culture and families were both very welcoming. We were all greeted with open arms and warm smiles. Once we walked in the house, they had a light meal prepared for us which consisted of all the local favorites. One of the group favorites was fried tortillas covered in sugar cane syrup.

Tortillas with sugar cane syrupDuring this first “light” meal, we found it interesting how they stopped everything they were doing to fellowship with one another and just enjoy the atmosphere of togetherness. Their family all came together to just eat and spend time with one another. This tradition is something that is very important to them. The family culture here is very different than that of a traditional American family. The whole extended family is very close to each other, and they tend to spend a lot of time together without whining about it. We think that just simply enjoying the company of one another without all the modern technology is something that the typical American family should adopt. We also think this is something that we will both take back with us when we return home. Food ties into this family atmosphere, and it brings them together on a regular basis.

Allison Dunkle, senior Special Education and Elementary Education major
Alayna Moore, senior Biology major

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