Tuition and Fees

As you consider the cost of a Barton education, keep in mind the value of a Barton education. The strength of our engaged-learning philosophy and the benefits of college on a first-name basis ensure that you graduate ready for the real world. You have a level of practical experience that sets you apart in the job market, and you’ve spent four years studying with professors who know your strengths and needs. Plus, our reputation makes us a college that employers and graduate schools respect. All of this makes Barton an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.



Family A

North Carolina student. Single-parent family with dependent student living on campus.


Family B

Out-of-State student. Family of four, one in college. Student living on campus.

Tuition and Fees for 2021-2022

Full-Time Students Living on Campus (tuition per year)
Tuition $33,430
Room* and Board $10,970
Total $44,400
*Double occupancy for Hilley, Waters, and Wenger Halls

Click here to learn about the payment options available through the Office of Business Affairs.

Estimate Your Cost

Use the Net Price Calculator to estimate your possible college cost.
NOTE: the calculator generates an estimate of your cost, not an actual binding amount.

Calculate Your Semester Payment

The following is an illustration of how to calculate the amount due. The charges for housing, meal plan and financial aid amounts listed may not apply to your individual situation. These figures are for illustration only.

Tuition and Fees per Semester
Tuition (full-time: 12-18 hours) $16,715
Room* and Board $5,485
Subtotal $22,200

Now deduct your Financial Aid award totals to determine your cost per semester. Do not include work study awards in your calculations.

*Double occupancy for Hilley, Waters, and Wenger Halls. Private Room rates and East Campus Suites are not quoted due to limited availability. Please contact the Office of Residence Life for more information (800-434-4781).

Part-Time Enrollment and Professional Studies Programs

For some students, enrolling part-time or taking courses under the Professional Studies Programs best fits their schedules. Learn more about tuition and fees for non-traditional enrollment in our Professional Studies Programs.