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Mandy Tolson, Ph.D, M.N.

Dr. Mandy Tolson is a veterinarian with a focus in one health/one medicine, public health, and comparative medicine. Dr. Tolson’s career began in private practice, followed by over ten years in public practice working in one medicine/one health, public health, disaster planning, mitigation, and response. Dr. Tolson recently coordinated and established a new veterinary medical technology program in eastern North Carolina, and has taught at North Carolina Wesleyan University. Dr. Tolson has experience teaching Anatomy and Physiology (human, veterinary, and comparative), nutrition, animal behavior, developmental biology, histology, various courses in veterinary medicine, as well as introductory biology courses. Dr. Tolson’s primary responsibilities at Barton are Anatomy and Physiology, introductory biology classes, and other courses with a focus on one health/one medicine that encompass human health, animal health, and the environment.