Alan D. Lane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

B.S., Northern State College
M.A., Bowling Green State University
Ph.D., Marquette University

Hines Hall | 800-345-4973 x6494

Dr. Alan D. Lane originally comes from South Dakota where he received a bachelor’s degree to teach social studies and speech from Northern State College.  He earned a master’s degree in history at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and a Ph.D. in Irish history from Marquette University.  He has taught history at Barton College since 1990.  He teaches the world survey courses along with Latin American, African, and Modern European history, including the Holocaust.  He also teaches American history with the 1960s and the 1920s as well as a course based around Lies My Teacher Told Me.  He also has developed several courses on current world problems for the general education capstone including studies of Korea, Cuba, and Arab Spring.  ”I get bored looking at the same material again and again,” says Dr. Lane.  ”I like to investigate new subjects, and, if I can take a class of students with me, so much the better.”