Delivering On A Promise

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The educational process at Barton has many positive outcomes … our graduates are critically minded and have the ability to think, they are engaged citizens who live and work to improve and strengthen our local communities, and they are ethically minded and spiritually centered, supporting a culture that focuses on serving one another. AND, THEY GET JOBS!

A recent survey of 2015 graduates indicated that 87.9% are working full time while 8.4 % are entering or enrolled in graduate school. And, 96.3% of our students are using their Barton education to immediately move forward into the next phase of their life! (Nationally, 54% are employed full time and 18% are headed to graduate school, for a total of 72%.) In addition, a recent ranking from The Economist notes that Barton students over-perform regarding expected salary achievement by more than $2,000. Barton placed 309 among more than 1,200 institutions in the survey. In essence, the survey states that our students make more because they attended Barton as opposed to another institution.

Why is this the case? We teach at a high level, we provide hands-on learning, we value internships and work opportunities, we engage students in and out of the classroom, and we value the relationship that learning creates. It makes a difference. I am so proud of the impact we make on students, and I look forward to sharing the data that backs it up.


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