Day Four: Curtis Creek Service Road and Nocturnal Watch

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At 8:15 this morning our Mountain Exploration group left Christmount for our creek adventure day. Once we reached our destination the elevation was 1520 ft, the temperature was 71 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wind speed was 7 mph going South West. The stream’s water was running extremely fast and therefore it made it harder for us to catch anything .  However, we did mange to catch at least a dozen salamanders.  One in particular that was found was a slimy salamander that was thought to be a snake, by the people who found it.  Also, some things that were found at this stop were the following:  a crawfish, a round centipede, stonefly nymphs, a crane fly larva, and many different types of species of butterflies. The next stop was still a part of Curtis Creek Service Road, and at this location there were two creeks for our group to explore. This is where we had lunch and Dr. Carpenter went what we caught and what the plans were for the rest of the day. After the first two stops we stopped at a watering hole that was filled with multiple tadpoles and we caught an Amercian Toad. The next stop was one of the worst parts of the day. We walked through thorny bushes and plants that stung our skin to find that the place bearly had any salamanders for us to see. After that adventure was went back to the cabin to get ready for the nocturnal observations.  This was an experience that most of us had not participated in, however we did learn to use our senses instead of relying on our vision.  This day had its ups and downs but all in all we got lots a new species and learned many different things.


Rekia Morgan – Biology Major

Peggy Wells – Middle/High School Education Sciences Major

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