Day 6: Closing Day at Christmount

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Today, May 18, was the final day at Christmount. We concluded our trip with a final exam testing our knowledge of 25 plant specimens and 25 animal specimens both collected and discussed throughout the week as well as a short answer portion discussing concepts regarding the different environments explored. The weather held out for the entire week but could no longer do so as it rained to majority of the morning. We considered ourselves lucky to have such beautiful weather up until this point.

This week provided me with a new found appreciation for nature. The variability among plant and animal species in the Appalachian Mountains was breath taking. I went from seeing insects and plants as nothing more then that to trying to figure out what species they were or what characteristics made them unique. From the awe inspiring views, at places such as Devil’s Courthouse, to the flipping rocks in more streams that I can count I am honestly able to say that I experienced one of the most fun weekends of my life where I not only learned new things everyday but also was able to enjoy nature for everything it has to offer.


Dalton Bauer-Biology (Health Sciences)

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