Diversity and Inclusion

Our purpose in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to educate the college community about the diversity on our campus. Diversity is something we all have in common, and acknowledging our differences along with our human dignity is an important foundation for fostering respect for one another as members of a community. Through services, programs, and activities that enhance our multicultural understanding and respect, with a focus on communities of color, LBGTQ, women, faith, and underrepresented groups, we strive to increase recruitment and retention of these populations. Diversity and inclusivity are about understanding, not necessarily agreeing; and our approach is both holistic and inclusive. It is holistic in that student growth and development are fostered intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually; and it is inclusive in that all members of the campus community are encouraged to become actively engaged in the teaching and learning process.

Our Diversity Statement

Barton’s commitment to diversity is shaped by a broad understanding and appreciation of spirituality, scholarship, social awareness, community outreach, service learning and cultural engagement. Barton community members actively embrace an environment where diversity and inclusivity are valued, where differences are respected, and where opportunities to learn from each other and about each other are celebrated.

Spanish Version

El compromiso de Barton College con la diversidad, se fundamenta en un profundo y amplio aprecio de la importancia de la espiritualidad, la actividad académica, la conciencia social, el alcance comunitario, el aprendizaje a través del servicio y la promoción cultural. Los miembros de la comunidad de Barton College promueven activamente un ambiente en donde la diversidad y la inclusión son valoradas, las diferencias respetadas, y en el que las oportunidades para aprender del otro son siempre celebradas.