Beaufort: Here we come!!!

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Friday has finally arrived!. Today was one of our most calm days where we took a couple trips. The start of  our trip, we drove to Beaufort where we stopped at the maritime museum. In the museum there were a lot of different articles and facts about boats from years ago. One of the exhibits in the museum was Queen Anne’s revenge which was captured by Blackbeard in 1717. There was also a huge whale heart on display that was from ‘Echo’ the sperm whale. Next we loaded the van and drove around the corner to the Duke marine lab. At the duke marine lab, we got on the Susan Hudson boat. Where we trawled the ocean and offshore for samples of fish and shells. There were two men that was there to accompany us on the ride through the ocean and show us how to use a trough. Unfortunately, while on the boat in the ocean me and Jessie were the only two to become sea sick on the boat. This happened when the boat came to a stop in the ocean and began to sway back and forth. We eventually got better after we got out of the ocean water and went into the offshore water where it was less choppy. We caught a skate, two rays and many shrimp. We stayed on the boat until 5:00 pm. After we landed at the dock we got off of the boat and changed for dinner. We had dinner at Clawson’s restaurant in Beaufort. After dinner we headed back to the house on the way back Dr. Carpenter saw a turtle in one of the marshes. We pulled over and tried to find the turtle. On our walk to find the turtle we were walking along the edge of the road. We had no luck on finding the turtle. We finally made it back to the house where we reviewed what we had caught and finished studying for our exam on Saturday.

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