2017 Dominican Republic Day 6 – Arts and Crafts Kind of Day

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Today consisted of English classes, activities such as making MyPlate paper plates, making foods out of Play-Doh, hosting separate STI classes for the boys and girls, and making human bodies made out of paper bags. We also had lunch, and ended the day with play time outside and making bracelets indoors.

The children really enjoyed making colorful plates, which represented MyPlate, and we used this opportunity for the children to learn the foods that belonged in each food group. Along with MyPlate, we had the children make foods out of Play-Doh, which they placed on the appropriate category on the plates.

After lunch, we separated the boys and girls, ages 8 and older, into two separate classrooms and the young adults ages 22 and older into another classroom. Children of ages 8 and older learned about the normal bodily changes that occur with puberty and about abstinence; but, most importantly, it was emphasized to the children to respect themselves and to respect the opposite sex. The children learned about the human body, specifically the lungs and the heart. They got the opportunity to make human bodies out of paper bags and draw organs, which were placed inside the bag. On the other hand, the young adults were taught about STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Interestingly, we learned that the most common type of STI is AIDS.

Lastly, the day ended with playtime and making bracelets, which gave us the opportunity to get to know the children even better and release the rest of the energy that the children had left from the day.

By Sarai Rodriguez and Katherine Lozano Posada

(Follow the experiences of our students as they have been serving in the Dominican Republic during spring break. Visit the blog at the Barton College School of Nursing.)

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