Thank You

Please share your Barton College or Atlantic Christian College story in the comments section below.

8 Responses to Thank You

  1. Sarah Hurley Belk says:

    A very moving and thoughtful message. Thank you for remembering our family.

  2. Valerie Price says:

    I really enjoyed my learning and teaching at Barton College it was such a great experience and I will never forget as I tell others about my college experience. I will pass the Light very greatful

  3. Jeff Farmer says:

    Barton College has always been on my side. For that, I am GRATEFULL-!!!

  4. Cindy says:

    Thank you – very much. God bless you all richly!

  5. Robert Kennel says:

    My appreciation for Barton College comes from two primary directions; Family/Friends and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
    Over the years I’ve had many friends and family attend Atlantic Christian and Barton. Most meaningful of all was my brother-in-law David Blackwood and sister Charlotte Kennel Blackwood who were killed at the start of an impressive ministry in a tragic Eastern Airlines plane crash in New York in 1962. Out of that a small memorial endowment was created by our family providing small scholarships to so many students over the years, some of whom I have also known as good friends.
    Finally as a life-long Disciple of Christ I appreciate Barton as an outpost of Disciple support in North Carolina. I work on Regional Church staff down Lee Street and always feel comfortable and proud with Barton right around the corner with excellent college leaders and an impressive student body.
    May God continue to bless Barton College !!

    • webmaster says:

      Robert, thank you for sharing your story and thank you to your family for making a difference in our students’ lives through the endowment you established.

  6. Tricia Parish says:

    This is great and I am going to “pass the light” to good friends who did not donate yet.

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