About the BB&T Center

he BB&T Center for Free Enterprise Education was established in 2009 through a generous grant from the BB&T Foundation.  The Center’s mission is to promote a better knowledge of, and appreciation for, an economic system based on free enterprise.  Activities of the Center include a major speaker’s program, workshops for teachers in economics, and other opportunities that involve Barton students and the Wilson community in examining economic issues.

Lecture Series

he BB&T Center for Free Enterprise Education Lecture Series brings nationally prominent leaders in free enterprise economics to the region for a public lecture each year.  Past lecturers include James Maynard, CEO of Golden Corral; Robert A. Ingram, retired chairman and CEO of GlaxoSmithKline; and John A. Allison IV, former chairman and CEO of BB&T Corporation.

Contact Us

Dr. John J. Bethune
Center Director
Dorothy and K.D. Kennedy Chair in Business

800-345-4973 x6422

Student Debate

n conjunction with course offerings, the Center sponsors student-led debate on the moral dimensions of capitalism.  The debates are open to the public.

Foundations Course

he Center oversees the implementation of the course “Capitalism: Implications and Applications,” which incorporates a variety of viewpoints on comparative economic systems.